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2012  Buonocore Lodi Zinfandel

This wine expresses clear defined aromas of tobacco, tea, white pepper spice, new american oak and raspberry. Not an overbearing zinfandel, rather medium in body with complexity. 13.5% alcohol. $24/bottle

2009_Cab Sauv front TTB.jpg

2009 Buonocore Sierra Foothills Cab Sauvignon

Black currants, coriander, dried herbs and cherry make up the bouquet. As the wine leaves your palate there is a nice balance of oak, tannins and spice. 13.7% alcohol. $28/bottle

2012_Syrah front TTB.jpg

2012 Buonocore Lodi Syrah

Brewing coffee, semi-sweet chocolate, fig and a hint of fresh blueberry is how I would describe this approachable and well balanced syrah. 13.8% alcohol. $24/bottle